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We'll work directly with you to maximize productivity and profitability, all year long. We welcome new challenges and seek to push the limits to increase ROI and maximize product performance one acre at a time.

Services Designed To Boost
Productivity and Profitability

  • TruChoice® Offer

    TruChoice® Offer

    Looking for more ways to save? Now there is a better way to buy your Pioneer® brand products and Corteva Agriscience crop protection products with the TruChoice® offer. As a Pioneer customer you are eligible to save up to 15% on your Corteva crop protection products.

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  • Field Plans

    Field Plans

    We work hard year round to evaluate products across a wide range of environments. We'll work with you to develop detailed map-based product placement plans that help maximize the productivity of every acre.

  • LumiGEN Seed Treatment Offerings

    LumiGEN Seed Treatment Offerings

    Maximize your return on investment when you choose the insecticides and fungicides built specifically to protect Pioneer genetics. LumiGEN™ seed treatment technology offers unique, proven defenses against a broad spectrum of threats.

    LumiGEN Soybean Seed Treatment

    LumiGEN Corn Seed Treatment

  • Granular Digital Solutions

    Granular Digital Solutions

    Access all of your data in one place with Granular Insights. From any PC, phone, or tablet, Granular Insights houses your field boundaries and data to help analyze, assess practices/products, and make informed decisions. Granular Insights is user friendly and can be as simple or analytical as you'd like. Manage your account on your own or let us help you through the process.

    • Planting plans
    • Variable Rate planting/application Rx
    • As-Planted/applied maps
    • In-Season satellite imagery
    • Detailed harvest yield maps
    • Soil maps
    • Analytical harvest reports organized by...
      • Product
      • Practice
      • Soil type
      • Environmental Response Unit (ERU)
      • Custom zones/units

  • Crop Scouting

    Crop Scouting

    Weeds, insects, foliar disease, & nutrient deficiencies are the biggest causes of in-season yield loss. They are also all treatable and the first step to protect full yield potential is to know what's happening in the field right now. That’s why we offer to scout your farms in person and stay in close touch with you all season to make sure pressure doesn't become a problem. The insight we gain helps you make the best management decisions while ensuring our products are performing as they should throughout the growing season.

  • Yield Mapping

    Yield Mapping

    It's hard to measure a products performance solely from the windshield of the combine. We can help maximize the value of your harvest data with our harvest mapping service. Harvest maps truly paint a picture of the performance of your seed product mix on your acres and will be fed straight to your PC, smartphone, or tablet through your Granular Insights account in minutes.

    The results of your hard work and difficult decisions throughout the growing season are just a few clicks away!

  • Corteva Crop Protection

    Maximize savings with the Corteva Crop Protection TruChoice offer. Save up to 15% on Corteva Crop Protection products when you fund a TruChoice account. Pay with cash or utilize your Pioneer Deferred Payment account to capture savings. The process is easy and the savings are upfront, call us today for details!

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